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Retiring from pro sports and transitioning into a new career can be a scary, lonely, anxious, uncertain and confusing time for athletes. The effort, blood, sweat and tears athletes put into a career suddenly ends and they’re faced with a whole new career outlook. Loss of identity, confidence and self worth are common side effects that some athletes feel with such a drastic career change.

However, the attributes & characteristics athletes build in sport can be used to open doors to new passions, amazing opportunities and facilitate success in business. The life experiences that athletes go through in their sporting careers are invaluable and extremely rare. These experiences enable them to be extremely successful in business and in their next career phase.

Athlete Culture is a blog that is all about former athletes in business – their success stories, how they transitioned, how they use the skills built in sport in their new careers, their habits and routines that make them successful and much more. This blog is proof that retiring from sport can be a smooth, exciting and opportunistic time for an athlete (yes, it is also a little sad lets not kid ourselves).

Designed by athletes for athletes and anyone else that wants to pick up successful habits and routines and live the athlete culture.

Author of Athlete Culture blog: Alex Opacic – creator of Athlete2Business

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