Adaptability To Change Through Feedback

 In Athlete Culture

Athletes’ ability to adapt to change moments after receiving feedback is remarkable. Here is an example:

A basketball team might have a big final in 3 weeks time. Their systems, strategies and style of play for the past couple of years is the reason they’ve made it to the final. Their daily training sessions have all had the same principals and routines which the players have implemented into games perfectly. Each player has a different role and understands that performing their designated role to perfection ensures the team’s success. It’s all been working so far as the team has been very successful so there’s no reason to change anything.

Fast forward 3 weeks and the big final is here. The first half has played out and the team is losing. Their usual strategies and principals are not working, actually it’s the reason they’re losing. The coach gives a big half time speech, changes their strategy, assigns different roles to players and stresses the importance of performing this new strategy in the 2nd half to ensure they get back in the game and win. The players listened, adapted to their new strategy within minutes, executed it, and ultimately won the game! The players could’ve complained, not listened to coach, spoke back aggressively, disagreed, failed to perform a completely new strategy that was implemented only minutes ago…but no…they kept shut, took the feedback on board and successfully performed their new tasks which ultimately led to the team winning the final!

This a common trait amongst athletes from all sports. Their ability to listen, accept feedback and instantly change and perform new strategies is highly desirable.

This same trait is why athletes are successful in business. The business world is ever changing – new and emerging technologies, economic & environmental changes, new competition, staff turnover, new hires, company re-structures, market fluctuations, stock market crashes, new CEO implementing new sales goals & strategies and so on. The company’s employees ability to adapt to change, accept feedback and implement new strategies swiftly and successfully determines whether or not the company surpasses their competition and rises as market leaders in their field.

Especially in today’s business landscape, no matter what business you’re involved in, due to emerging technologies your strategy will constantly need changing and adapting. Having employees that are disciplined enough to accept that, gives you the upper hand in business. Get on board with athletes!


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