How To Attract & Retain Talented Staff

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Flexible work policies are increasingly important to attract and retain talented staff, but they won’t work without managers taking the initiative and ensuring transparency, industry leaders say.

Recently, many leading businesses have formally adopted a flexible work policy, which has increased engagement and productivity levels.

Working from home, flexible hours, trust in their staff, flexibility around family and extra days off are all part of their culture.

Studies show flexible working arrangement increase staff retention by a significant amount. Especially when undergoing mergers and acquisitions, a time when staff retention decreases, flexibility in the workforce will allow businesses a significant chance to retain top talent.

A flexible work policy allows you to retain that top talent that may otherwise have just become burnt out, especially in sales roles where pressure to perform KPIs and win new business is high.

In one-on-one meetings with employees among companies with flexibility in the workforce the consensus is they are more comfortable with flexible work as they perceive the company as mature enough to trust them.

Specifically with sales staff, uncapped commission structures are becoming more desirable and sought after along with flexibility.

Flexible work arrangements can definitely be achieved in a sales environment, but they require the right type of self-motivated and mature individuals to make it work.

Athlete2Business works with exactly those types of individuals – retired pro athletes who are self-motivated, mature & proven, worldly and hungry to succeed.

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