How To Build Your Post-Sport Network And Land The Job You Want

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Are you an athlete currently affected by what’s happening in the world?

Has your sporting career suddenly been brought to an abrupt halt?

Are you feeling uncertain about your sporting future?

Perhaps you are just wanting to prepare yourself in the best possible way to land your perfect job for when the time comes?

Or are you simply ready to transition into a post-sport life and don’t know where to start or are struggling to find employment?

Then this article is for YOU! I will show you WHY EMPLOYERS LOVE ATHLETES and how you can find a part-time, casual, full time or contract job and put yourself in the best possible position to land an ideal job that’s right for you!

3 key points in the article:

  1. Which industries are hiring NOW

Thousands of people are currently losing jobs due to this pandemic. News headlines use these negative stories to gain more viewers as viewers equals advertisers and advertisers equals money!

So, on that note, not to make light of a bad situation, BUT!…there are pockets of industries which are booming from this and are 100% hiring!

  1. LinkedIn – your number 1 tool, I’ll show you how, and why!

LinkedIn will be your ultimate weapon to get in front of the right decision makers, make them want you and land the job you want. Not only that, you can use LinkedIn NOW to build your network so when you do retire from sport, you will have a huge network of Employers to access.

  1. HOW to ACE your job interview.

The common theme across these lessons is that you as an athlete have a competitive advantage in the employment market right now and you need to make that stand out!! You are resilient, a proven winner, competitive, driven, disciplined, fearless, able to adapt to change and are a go getter! That’s what employers want!!

OK, so let’s get into it!

As an athlete here’s how you get proactive and stand out from other applicants.

  1. Aside from being reactive and using popular online job search engines, get proactive and narrow and focus your job search directly to booming industries. These current industries include:

Disinfectant brands like hand sanitizers, TV Networks, FMCG companies, Call Centres for banks and insurance companies, digital marketing agencies, logistics companies, household cleaning brands, pharmaceuticals, online food delivery and much more.

Roles that would be in demand – sales, business support, customer service, social media coordinator and manager, account manager, editor, sales coordinator, change manager and much more!

OK, so here’s what you do. Pick some of these industries that appeal to you and google the top companies from each.

In an excel doc write down the company name, phone number and key decision maker in regards to the job role you want! Do the same for jobs you apply for via a job search platform. You can knock this out in 2-3 hours.

So, what next and how do you find the decision makers or hiring managers??

This brings me to lesson number 2 – LinkedIn!!

If you don’t have LinkedIn, you don’t exist! LinkedIn is the new resume. The more active you are on LinkedIn the higher chance you have of being noticed by the right people. This is where you build you post-sport personal brand!

After you’ve created your profile, outlining how the skills and experiences you’ve picked up from sport will enable you to succeed in your next career, start searching for those hiring managers from the companies you’ve written down in lesson number 1.

Here’s 1 example how: let’s say you want to be a social media coordinator for company ABC in Sydney – in the search bar type in “Company ABC” and “marketing manager,” and hit ENTER. You should see a bunch of people pop up from Company ABC with the job title “marketing” or similar. In the “location” section at the top, type in “Sydney” and it will narrow your search to the people in company ABC’s Sydney office.

Now, hit the “connect” button next to all the relevant people. If you’re not sure if they’re relevant, hit the connect button!

Get Tinder like on it! Just connect, connect, connect! The more fishing lines you throw, the more chances you have of landing a job! That’s what LinkedIn is for, they don’t mind you connecting with them, and trust me, because you’re an athlete, they will love it!!

Once they accept your connection request, you will get a notification that they’ve accepted and then you can message them directly! This is where the magic happens.

Send a direct message!

Remember – the common theme in this message needs to be how your attitude and aptitude from sport is highly transferable to their organisation and job title you are pursuing.

In the “contact info” section of their profile you should have their email address and phone number. If not, you can easily find the company phone number on google.

After sending the message, if there is no reply for 2-3 days, give them a ring! Follow them up! It might sound intrusive, but it’s not. Remember, you’re an athlete!! What do athletes do?

We’re proactive, we get things done, we go after it and we chase goals! This whole process I just explained, is you getting after it!! Which is what people value in their employees! Everyone wants a go-getter!!

Repeat that process for all the companies you’ve written down – pick an industry booming right now, research some companies within that industry, connect with key decision makers on LinkedIn, send a DM to these decision makers, then follow up with a phone call!

You do that, you should have plenty of job interviews lined up!!

Remember, you can apply this same process for jobs you apply for via a job search platform. Find out who the hiring manager is, and connect with them on LinkedIn.

Other proactive things you can do on LinkedIn – write articles, post content, share relevant content, comment, like, connect – all centered around your transferable skills from sport.

So, our 3rd lesson – the job interview:

3 key things you need to know:

  1. Be sure of yourself and have clarity on your career path
  2. Understand the job description
  3. Study the company as much as you can

Most importantly don’t just talk about your sporting experiences and achievements. Focus on the skills and attributes you’ve gained from sport that are transferable to the role.

Here are the most common questions athletes get wrong in a job interview and how you can avoid it:

“Tell me about yourself?” Hiring managers and recruiters love asking this question right away as it’s a great indication of how good the candidate is. It then sets the tone for the rest of the interview. If you waffle on too long or don’t say enough you lose! The answer needs to be just the right amount of length, straight to the point with a bit of flair.

 “What are your weaknesses?” Again, very tricky question. You can’t not have any! And you can’t show any huge detrimental weaknesses. Best thing to do is pick a subtle weakness and what you are currently doing to improve on it!

Lastly, have some pre-determined answers ready to go to bail you out of a tough situation.

For example:

Let’s say you’re applying for a sales job, you can use this answer –  “What’s enabled me to become a professional athlete and succeed at the highest level is my dedication to hard work, time management skills, competitive nature, resilience and mostly my drive and hunger to succeed. I believe it’s those same principles that will enable me to succeed in business.”

This answer can be given for questions like What makes you good in sales? Give me an example when you’ve had to deal with a tough situation? What are your strengths? What are you most proud of in your career so far? How would you deal with a tough customer?

Just be savvy enough to slightly change the answer based on the question.

Remember, you need to make the following things stand out: Your resilience, work ethic, competitive nature, drive and ambition, hunger for success, discipline and team work. Everything that enabled you to be an elite athlete will enable you to be an elite business professional. Show it!! That’s why they want you and that’s why you’re in the job interview.

To check out a video seminar on the above and more tips, you can watch here.

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