Another Plan A

Athlete2Business’ Another Plan A program works with current professional athletes and guides them in discovering and preparing for a career and passion outside of sport. Whether it’s supporting their current sporting endeavours with a part time job or brainstorming actionable career plans for retirement, Another Plan A was designed to encourage athletes to find a passion on the same level as their sport.

As professional athletes, we like to think it will last forever, we’re indestructible, unbreakable, things work out, we always figure it out, we’re head strong under all circumstances, if all else fails or when it ends resort to plan B.
This level of confidence is the reason we succeeded in life so far, but it needs to be channeled realistically in order to ensure a smooth transition into a new career and cary over the momentum of success.

With your plan B you’ll always be giving a B effort, B energy, B level of passion, B enthusiasm, B focus and you’ll get B level of fulfilment…when you’re used to scoring A’s with all the above it can be a downward spiral towards unfulfilment, confusion and loss of self-worth.
Through A2B’s Another Plan A program, whether you’re a collegiate or pro athlete we help you find and design a post-sport career you’ll be passionate about.

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