Athlete2Business was designed to help former athletes transition into their next career phase. Whether you’ve just retired from your sport, or established in your business career but looking for a change, we can accommodate all.

Being former pro athletes our selves we can relate to your situation and quickly understand your goals and needs. After our free in person or phone consultation we actively search the market to match you with the right industry and client. We guide you through the whole recruitment process and work closely with you even after you’ve been placed in a role ensuring you are fulfilled and on the right path to success in business.

Retiring from your sport and transitioning into a new career can be a scary, lonely, anxious, uncertain and confusing time. Don’t worry….we’ve been there! We’ll teach you how the attributes & characteristics you’ve built in sport can be used to open doors to new passions, amazing opportunities and facilitate your success in business.

To begin the next phase of your life and discover new opportunities, passions and ventures GET IN TOUCH with the team at Athlete2Business.

We truly take you from A2B!