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“How you do one thing is how you do everything!” The founder of the company we’ve partnered with lives by this quote.

They’ve created a high performance culture and teach other businesses how to create a high performance environment. The founder believes if elite athletes can be elite in one thing, they’ll be elite in everything else. So their strategy going forward is to hire athletes!

About the founder: 

Was named in the top 50 fast growth companies in Australia and top 8 of Female Founded Companies in the Asia Pacific Region; has been named as one of Australia’s top 25 female entrepreneurs; spent time on Necker Island with Richard Branson; has collaborated with Fashion icon Hermes and with Virgin Australia through her media brand, the 8 Percent; was nominated for the Veuve Clicquot “New Generation” entrepreneur award; has spoken at TED; and presents on The 8 Percent, Non-Toxic Sales and New Models for Leadership throughout Australia, the US, Europe and Asia.

If you’re not inspired to work with this person, close this tab now…otherwise keep reading.

The company:

Our client is an internationally respected sales consulting and training business.

They host the world’s only “live fire” sales training event, Sales Dominance, in which salespeople, founders and teams are trained, and then make sales calls live in the room during the event. No role play. Just real, live sales calls, and sales.

They’ve worked with thousands of clients throughout their ten year history, not only training them in sales, but also in creating and implementing metrics-driven sales systems that allow them to operate fewer sales people for larger profits – with minimal management required. For a team of 10, their systemisation, on average, can double sales while reducing team sizes between 25% and 50%.

With over 40 combined years of managing sales teams and working with entrepreneurs and small businesses to systemise and scale their own sales activities, they’ve developed a suite of products and services that provide clients with industry leading technology and systems to put them well and truly ahead of the competition.

Our client was named as one of the top 250 fast growth companies in the Asia Pacific region (amongst the top 50 of Australian companies named) for 2018 by respected financial publication, the Financial Times.

The role:

They need a high performing sales professional to drive new business sales. Through a consistent and strategic marketing campaign they constantly get inbound leads. Your job is to close these warm leads to sign up for their $300 sales training webinar. From the Webinar, they close 16% of the leads into high value ongoing monthly clients. For the 1st year your job is to sign people up to the webinar, as you progress/excel you’ll be pitching the monthly high value solutions.

To prove you’re a high performer who doesn’t crumble under pressure, you’ll initially sign on for a 2 week contract where you’ll be required to make 5 sales ($300 each). Once you pass you’re in full time.

About you:

  • Highly driven, resilient and motivated to succeed.
  • Strong sales skills and business acumen.
  • Entrepreneurial with ability to work autonomously.
  • Disciplined to make sales calls and not afraid of rejection.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment.
  • Driven by KPIs and sales targets.
  • Are motivated by pressure and a challenge.
  • Want to grow and progress you career, motivated by money.
  • Intelligent, strong communicator and ability to think quick on your feet.

What’s in it for you:

  • Small family culture within a start up feel.
  • Fun, vibrant and energetic culture.
  • Clear progression plan with potential to be a consultant, sell technology or management.
  • Work closely with sales trainers who have worked with Toby Robbins, Jordan Belfort.
  • Join at growth stage and be a part of the company as they begin their tech offering (sales training tech platform)
  • Negotiable base salary  plus strong comms structure.
  • Industry best sales training & on-boarding process (after all, this is what they sell to their client)
  • Work from home or any location in Australia (including a beach).

If you’re excited by this role, apply now –

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