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Our client is currently experiencing huge growth and to ensure this continues,  we need to ensure we are engaging with new clients across the region.  As such are looking for a dedicated and resourceful team player to reach out to clients and create meetings.  This is a fantastic opportunity to join with the potential for progression into account management.  To do this successfully, this role requires a good understanding of the b2b tech market, our solutions and prospect engagement techniques which will all be covered in our onboarding and enablement.  Ultimately you will be the first point of contact for new clients and this comes with a huge responsibility to ensure we are seen to be knowledgeable, professional and politely persistent.  You will need to be diligent with your time, approach and leverage our internal systems to ensure success.


This is a hunter position focused on booking meetings with new or lapsed clients and help establish our reach and position in the APAC region, predominantly focussed on the Australian and Singapore markets.

Main responsibilities 

Drive meetings with new or lapsed clients for the client management team across the region.  This role is focused on helping us consistently open and set meetings for the Account Managers with relevant clients who can benefit from working with our client.  You will be responsible for qualifying and scheduling meetings and will be rewarded for both accepted meetings and meetings that convert to revenue.  You will attend the meetings that you book although it will be the responsibility of the allocated team member to develop and manage the relationship moving forwards.  Initially, we will be focused on the IT sector although in the future we will look at other relevant market segments where we can add value to clients.   



  • Identify, evaluate and pursue new clients/contacts to set up discovery meetings.
  • Ensure that we have coverage across both local ANZ and their APAC counterparts within all organisations.
  • Build a database of relevant industry and client events and ensure we have them and their sponsors in our database.
  • Discover and document marketing and sales function stakeholder maps within organisations :
  • Marketing: Digital, Demand, Social, Search, Product, Channel
  • Sales: Head of SDR / Inside Sales, Head of Sales, Sales Director
  • A key element behind creating this role is to drive efficiency so it will be your responsibility to ensure that all meetings are worth the teams time and the contact/company is aligned with our solutions.
  • Monitor and attend meetings with prospects while handling the introductions and follow-up with the sales representative.


  • Work with leadership to ensure our data includes relevant organisations and we have coverage of the stakeholders within them.


  • Leverage existing relationships to garner introductions to other prospects both internally and externally.
  • Build and manage meeting pipeline in line with your KPIs.
  • Report meeting pipeline and activities to the leadership team and ensure all systems show this data.


  • Work with assigned Account Managers to successfully transition your meetings into commercial engagements.


  • Actively pursue representation and involvement in industry forums and events to assist in the development of legitimate business relationships which may lead to new client acquisition.


  • Establish active communication and engagement with prospects to create new leads and sales openings.
  • Collaborate with sales teams by bringing innovative lead generation ideas to each weekly meeting.
  • Ensuring that all outbound activity is executed and logged in Outreach.





  • A Weekly plan of who you are going to call to be set up in Salesloft cadences
  • A daily structure focussed on activity in the mornings from 
  • Proactive account discovery and creation



  • Consistent outbound client engagement across phone, email and social
  • All activity reported in SalesLoft through cadences
  • Following the outbound engagement model and ensuring delivery is accurate
  • All client communication responded to on the same day



  • Account coverage – number of contacts touched, contacts engaged, contacts created, accounts attempted, accounts engaged
  • Activity – daily, weekly and monthly
  • Activity to meeting tracking – conversion metrics
  • Meeting reports – working with Team to ensure all relevant information is recorded and actioned
  • Weekly feedback and insight to progress and success

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