to our "Another plan a" course - Linkedin

If you're an elite athlete wanting to grow your post-sport network and/or secure your ideal job ASAP, this course is for you!

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linkedin profile

The course will help you create and set up your Linkedn profile so that you can grow your personal brand and be noticed by top employers!

how to use linkedin

The course will teach you how to use LinkedIn to grow your professional network and create a number of post-sport employment opportunities!


You will learn some valuable tips and tools to use your experiences as an athlete to gain a competitive advantage throughout the job search process and general networking via LinkedIn!

What an incredibly insightful course. I was able to secure multiple employment opportunities after applying these real life lessons.
Olympic Sailor
This course is highly interactive as I was forced to take action after each module and have now built a large post-sport network for myself. I had a lot of fun along the way!
Former Basketballer
The course made me realize just how employable I am as an athlete. It helped me articulate my experiences from sport to gain an upper hand from other job applicants.
Olympic Diver

Start your post-sport career now

The online course will be released next week for $199.95 You can now pre-register for $49.95 If you have any questions please email

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