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A recruitment agency specialising in placing former professional athletes into Australian businesses. Athelete2Business was created by former professional athletes now successful business executives who are passionate about the competitive advantage and winning culture athletes can bring to a business.

A2B works with athletes from various elite levels – domestic & overseas professionals, semi professionals, Olympians and US college student-athletes & guiding them in their transition into a new career. With careful and thorough consultations we match each athlete with the right industry and business for them, creating a seamless and smooth transition from professional sports to business professional.

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Athlete2Business was designed to help former athletes transition into their next career phase. Whether you’ve just retired from your sport, or established in your business career but looking for a change, we can accommodate all.


Athletes have valuable life experiences and understand what it takes to be successful. The habits and characteristics they’ve built to enable success in sports are easily transferable to your business.

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I fell in love with the game of basketball at age 12. After growing too tall for football (my first love), my dad suggested I join the school basketball team. I did kinda look awkward on the [...]

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Whether you’re an athlete looking to transition into a new career or an employer looking to build an athlete culture within your team, Athlete2Business looks forward to working with you!