Athlete2Business is a recruitment agency specialising in placing former professional athletes into businesses.

Our experienced team – comprised of former pro athletes, now successful business executives – work closely with both the athlete-candidate and business client aligning the candidate’s skill set, passions and goals with the client’s needs.

A2B works with athlete-candidates of all levels – from entry level to executive to senior management – and places them across clients from various industries – technology, media, manufacturing, engineering, recruitment, retail, sports and more.

Our team is passionate about the skill set & attributes athletes possess – drive, work ethic, competitive spirit, ability to work in a team, disciplined, coachable, highly focused, resilient and much more – which they can easily transfer to business and create an athlete culture within the workplace.

Athlete2Business also works with active athletes who are looking to support their athletic ambitions through a part time job. Through our “Another Plan A” program we teach athletes to start thinking about a career post-athletics. We guide them in finding and/or taking action on other interests, passions, goals and dreams and create opportunities where they can begin preparing for life after pro sports.