Athlete Sponsorship Opportunity

Athlete2Business was built by athletes, for athletes.

We understand the commitment athletes make, and the sacrifices involved.

We want to give back , and are looking to support driven, tenacious and hardworking individuals.

How to apply:

In a job interview, you must convince the employer why you’re worth investing in. We want you to convince us why you’re worth sponsoring. What would it mean to you? What would it allow you to do? How do you intend to support A2B in return? Convince us. There are no limits on the way to present your application. Bonus points for creativity!

We will have 3 tiers of sponsorship available:

  • Gold – $6,000
  • Silver- $3,000
  • Bronze- $1,000

May the most deserving athlete win!

Email your application to and the team will be in contact about the progress of your application